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Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Oct 21, 2021

Vijay Boyapati was born and raised in Australia and moved to the United States to do a PhD in Computer Science. He never started the PhD, but took a job offer instead and ended up at a small startup called Google. After leaving the much bigger Google, in 2007, Vijay spent a year campaigning in the 2008 Presidential election, helping to raise millions of dollars for Ron Paul.

After becoming disillusioned by the political process, Vijay decided to continue to seek change through technology. Discovering Bitcoin in 2011, Vijay quickly went down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. With a background in Austrian economics he spent years thinking about the economic framework within which Bitcoin's value proposition could be understood. His thinking on the economics of Bitcoin culminated in an article called the Bullish Case for Bitcoin which is one of the most read articles on Bitcoin after Satoshi Nakamoto's Whitepaper and it has been translated into 20 different languages. The article is often cited as the most useful resource to give to newcomers who are attempting to understand Bitcoin.


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