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Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Mar 28, 2023

Danielle DiMartino Booth's Banking Crisis Opus: Too Small to Not Fail

Danielle DiMartino Booth is CEO and Chief Strategist for Quill Intelligence LLC, an independent research firm. She spent nine years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas where she served as Advisor to President Richard W. Fisher throughout the...

Mar 21, 2023

James Lavish is the CFA of the Bitcoin Opportunity Fund. The former hedge fund manager has 25 years of institutional investment and risk management experience. The Yale and Cornell alum, and former NHL draft pick, was recently Chief Operating Officer of Alternative Investments at asset management firm LKCM in Dallas,...

Mar 15, 2023

This week's guest:

Lyn Alden joins Natalie Brunell to discuss the fallout in the global banking system after the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

Lyn Alden is a full-time investor and independent financial analyst. She has been performing investment research for over 15 years in various public and private capacities, and...

Mar 14, 2023

Greg Foss is a bond and credit expert and a self-proclaimed Bitcoin enthusiast and realist. He has spent 30+ years in high-yield credit trading and analysis as a portfolio manager and trader, and is currently the Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives at Validus Power Corp in Toronto, and co-founder of the economic...

Mar 10, 2023

Natalie Brunell sits down with author and entrepreneur Jeff Booth ( for 21 Minutes on Bitcoin and the economy.


-Bitcoin and macro factors

-How a non-manipulated system of money can change the quality of education, housing affordability and family values.

-Artificial Intelligence and...