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Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Dec 23, 2021

This week's Coin Stories features Space Force and MIT National Defense Fellow Jason Lowery


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Jason Lowery is an Air Force veteran and National Defense Fellow researching Bitcoin while pursuing a master's degree in engineering & management through the System Design & Management program jointly offered by MIT's School of Engineering & Sloan School of Management.

You can follow Jason on Twitter at @JasonPLowery


00:00 Introduction and promo codes

1:53 Jason’s back story and upbringing

3:20 Band camp and Space camp

5:28 Joining the military

11:08 Most surprising aspect of military

13:30 Discovering Bitcoin

17:36 Jason under investigation

20:21 Bitcoin and national security

27:58 Kinetic to electric power projection

36:25 Bitcoin as a military system

45:58 Bitcoin creates frenemies

55:56 Why doesn’t the military get Bitcoin?

57:47 Jason’s Bitcoin drawing

1:05:50 What will US do with Bitcoin?

1:08:26 Military spending

1:13:09 Bitcoin promotes peace

1:14:45 Military track record on new tech

1:22:16 Jason’s biggest question about BTC

1:24:44 Bitcoin is a battery

1:29:05 Space Force Guy

1:31:51 Space Force, the Military and Musk

1:36:34 Explaining BTC for national security

1:39:16 Question from a Marine

1:41:53 What Jason wishes people would ask

1:42:30 Proof of Stake argument

1:50:43 Other crypto to buy Bitcoin

1:51:19 Jason denied for credit

1:53:45 When Jason is going to space

1:54:50 A future of hope