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Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Mar 9, 2022

This week’s guest is Macro Economist, Chartist, Elliott Wave practitioner Henrik Zeberg.

We discuss:

- Financial Markets

- Deflationary Bust forecast

- Bitcoin

- Inflation

- Russia and Ukraine Crisis

Henrik Zeberg is the cofounder of TheZebergReport.  TheZebergReport aspires to provide a sane voice in a financial world cluttered with ad hoc understanding of Macro and Economy.

Zeberg bases his analyses and forecasts on proce structures - short- and long-term and cross-market analyses.

The above approach has led Zeberg to forecast a major Deflationary Bust, which will commence later this year. Greatest crash since 1929.

Zeberg is a Bitcoin Bull until top in equities, but feels it will decline with risk assets until Fed unleashes everything to continue Financial Repression.


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Approximate Timecodes:

00:00 Intro & Promo Codes 02:17 Henrik intro 03:07 Early life in Denmark 05:08 Studying economics in Copenhagen 06:13 Keynesian vs Austrian economics 07:28 Early image of the US 08:42 Visiting US 09:40 Growing up wanting to be rich? 13:45 Money system manipulation 17:18 Financial polarization 18:39 Deflationary bust coming? 22:41 Bust will happen in 2022 27:05 Triggering melt-up 30:02 What does deflationary bust look like? 32:11 Life during the bust 34:17 iTrustCapital Break 35:15 Bullish on Bitcoin 40:14 China & Russia vs US dollar 45:33 First hearing about BTC 46:04 Investing in Bitcoin 46:34 US dollar no longer global reserve currency? 51:19 Decentralization 52:49 Preparing for deflationary bust 56:36 Why can't politicians admit mistakes? 57:32 Ukraine joining NATO? 59:13 Hopeful about the future? 1:01:32 Bust creating opportunities