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Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Dec 27, 2021

This week's Coin Stories features Financial Advisor and Bone Fide Wealth Founder Doug Boneparth


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For more than a decade, Douglas A. Boneparth has helped his clients negotiate sales of businesses; establish legacies for future generations; purchase new homes; pay off debt and achieve financial independence. But while servicing the needs of his diverse book of business, he noticed a gaping hole in the financial services industry: financial planning and advice for Millennials, his peers. So while everyone else was chasing old money to invest, Douglas started finding young people to invest in.

With a passion to improve the financial lives of those around him, Douglas founded Bone Fide Wealth, a firm dedicated to providing both effective and relatable advice to the city’s hardest working young professionals. Through his personal experiences with student debt, higher education, career development, professional achievement and entrepreneurship, Douglas shares a perspective that very few financial advisors in the industry can. Douglas then draws upon the real life examples of his firm’s clientele, offering financial solutions that are as creative as they are practical.

You can follow Doug on Twitter at @DougBoneparth



00:00 Intro and Discount Promos

1:54 Doug background and upbringing

4:36 Early lessons learned about money

6:21 Becoming a financial planner

9:37 Working and living at home after college

13:40 Chasing dreams in NYC

17:45 Lessons from ’08 Financial Crisis

20:45 Focusing on Millennials

26:18 Top performing Millennials 

30:03 Why do we need financial planners?

33:58 Biggest mistake Millennials make

35:30 Looking at your financial behavior

37:52 Discovering Bitcoin

40:41 Post mining Bitcoin

42:34 Bitcoin rabbit hole & Investing

48:56 Bitcoin allocation

52:21 Can BTC be Global Reserve Asset?

53:40 Will the market crash?

56:05 Doug’s Twitter Humor