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Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Sep 23, 2021

Bill Pulte is an American philanthropist and entrepreneur. He created the Twitter Philanthropy campaign and hashtag to give away some of his fortune to people in need.

So far he has given out more than $1 million on his social platforms directly to followers needing financial assistance. He has given out some of his donations in Bitcoin, hoping to spread awareness and adoption. Pulte believe Bitcoin can help lift people, especially those in third world countries, out of poverty.

Pulte set up the organization Team Giving to feature stories and requests of people who have a pressing financial need:

"The creation of Team Giving was inspired by Bill Pulte’s social media movement called Twitter Philanthropy. Mr. Pulte realized that the power of social media could be used for good instead of as a platform for toxic rhetoric. In the summer of 2019, he began to give his personal wealth away to those in need and inspired others to become philanthropists as well. Having over 800,000 teammates on board, participants in Twitter Philanthropy come together through micro-donations to help those in need by spreading kindness, love, and small monetary donations. Within three months, Mr. and Mrs. Pulte have given away over $100,000 dollars of their personal money and teammates have added another $200,000 to help fund things such as cars for veterans, school supplies for teachers, medical assistance for terminal patients, dental work, housing needs, and day to day bills. Team Giving looks to build on this movement to continue to bring people together to help fellow mankind in need. We strive to help those with time-sensitive, critical needs. Team Giving thanks Mr. and Mrs. Pulte for their generosity, thoughtfulness, and care for others. We promise to build on the momentum they have created!"

Bill Pulte is also CEO of Pulte Capital Partners. Pulte Capital is a strategic investment firm focused exclusively on investing in leading building products businesses. The team has experience in building nearly 1 million homes internationally, allowing it to be highly selective in building market-leading companies of lasting value. Its acquisition targets are in key growth sectors of the quickly changing construction and building products industries.

Follow Bill at @pulte. 

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