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Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

May 11, 2022

Alyse Killeen is the founding Managing Partner of Bitcoin VC firm Stillmark. In BTC since 2013, Alyse is the Past President of the BitGive Foundation, Bitcoin’s first 501(c)(3) non-profit. The San Francisco Bay Area native also mentors at Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Center, Alchemist Accelerator, and NYFTL by the Partnership Fund for NYC and Springboard Enterprises. Reach out to Alyse at


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00:00 Promo codes

01:59 Growing up in SF Bay Area

04:35 Childhood dreams: science, research & statistics

05:25 Studying psychology

06:04 Interest in health, first responders

07:09 Traumatic stress response

08:27 Finding peace in health

10:17 Pivoting to venture capital

12:26 How does VC work?

14:54 Valuating companies

17:31 Where does the capital come from?

19:29 Learning about Bitcoin early on

23:02 Financial inclusion

24:36 Dignity and freedom through commerce

25:30 iTrustCapital break

26:18 Fold app break

26:51 Building Bitcoin VC firm Stillmark 

29:47 Token investing

32:41 Investment growth in BTC space

35:13 Taro integrating fiat with Bitcoin over Lightning Network

37:19 Stablecoins vs. Bitcoin adoption and growth

38:57 Institutions coming into Bitcoin

40:37 Economic environment and BTC price

43:01 Bitcoin not on Stillmark's balance sheet

44:50 Pink Frog Games (Candy Crush) utilizing Bitcoin & Lightning

48:11 Backing decision makers, supporting founders

50:59 Advice for a young Alyse getting into VC

52:26 Bitcoin in the future

52:59 Pitches don't have to be perfect